Looking Ahead

Today I’d like you to skip Christmas for a moment and think ahead into 2014. Why?– Because I have two great things to share.

The first one is a free downloadable planning kit for 2014, the wonderful and generous people from “Do What You Love” share with us to help us make 2014 AMAZING. Simply CLICK here and benefit from the support to make changes in your life and get on that path you love and you know is right for you.

The second one is an announcement of four courses I’m offering for children next summer at the famous Southampton Art School in the beautiful village of Southampton right on Lake Huron, the West Coast of Ontario:

animalia 2D with Antje Martens-Oberwelland
date & time: July 7-11, 9am-12pm
fee: $132       ages: 9-12

It’s a jungle out there! Learn how to draw animals in every style- from funny cartoon sketches to anatomically correct creatures. Explore the animals’ unique characteristics including bones, muscles and fur while using different drawing materials, and colour to bring your animal to life. Consider bringing a photo of your pet and we will create a special, keepsake pet portrait.

animalia 3D with Antje Martens-Oberwelland
date & time: July 7-11, 12:30pm-3:30pm
fee: $142       ages: 9-12

Get your hands dirty! Children learn how to sculpt animals using plaster and papier-mâché. While there are endless possibilities for creating creatures, we try to keep the animal’s correct anatomy in mind before getting our sculptures all goofy. This workshop promises great fun to all those who don’t mind the mess.

papermaking with Antje Martens-Oberwelland
date & time: August 5-8, 9am-12pm
fee: $105       ages: 9-12 Learn how to make paper from recycled material and plants. Students will create differently structured paper over the period of the course, and by the end of the week should have a precious set of self-made greeting cards and envelopes.

calligraphy cards with Antje Martens-Oberwelland
date & time: August 5-8, 12:30pm-3:30pm
fee: $105       ages: 9-12

In a time where fonts are readily available on any computer, a handwritten letter, invitation or thank you note becomes increasingly more special. Learn the traditional and the not so traditional way of handwriting, using pencil, watercolour, ink, quills, feathers, brushes and unusual material. Who knew we could make writing into art?

If you still look for the perfect gift for your young artist in the family, you can already register for above courses and give a gift certificate. My courses are known to be fun, held in a relaxed non-competitive atmosphere where I can cater to each student’s individual needs! – Please register with the Art School:

Southampton Art School
201 High St. Southampton, Ontario, N0H 2L0
(519) 797-5068


Check out their Christmas Classes online!

And since we are talking Christmas again, if you are still looking for a special and spiritual gift that entertains the entire family, how about “Angel Thinking”?


“Angel Thinking,” written by Lorelei Hill and illustrated by me, is designed for families to connect us to our 15 Archangels as well as our guardian angels and invites us on a playful journey into the angelic realm.

“This special book makes a lovely “read together” for a parent and child.” — Margaret J. Anderson, Author of the Keeper of Time trilogy.

“Angel Thinking” is available through Amazon.com, Barnes&Nobles, Hay House Publishing and your favourite bookstore.

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and enjoy – don’t get stressed  over – the holiday season!

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