Summer, Art & Fun

It is finally summer and … summer break!

What better thing to start it with art? At least that is what I and two of my artist friends, Athina Gatos-Hunter and Andrea Zimmer, and 40 budding artists did on last Friday’s PD Day Art Camp in Kincardine. We had a load of fun by learning about animals in the wild, going on a guided nature walk, building tipis and drawing tipis and making friends, playing games and painting a lot.

One artist named Arwen made me this wonderful name tag! Isn’t it pretty? I think I never had a more beautiful one.


Which brings me to announcing more workshops I’m doing this summer…

I’m super excited for my first week in Southampton’s Art School from July 7th – 11th where I’m teaching my popular classes Animalia in 2D in the morning and Animalia 3D in the afternoon. In the morning we’ll draw all kinds of animals from anatomically correct creatures to rather goofy critters. We always have so much fun and I’m always amazed by my young artists’ talents! Then in the afternoon we create wonderful animal sculptures using paper mache, clay and plaster and using the last day to paint them. The afternoons are always a blast and by the end of the week nobody can believe the fun is already over.

Please check out the Soutampton Art School if you have an animal lover in your family who also loves to paint or sculpt.

Then on Saturday July 12th Andrea Zimmer and I will be doing the very popular Kids’ Art Zone during the Blues Festival in Kincardine again. This year we won’t be at the Queen’s Lookout, but will have a shadier spot in the park. All children and their parents are invited to do some art with us.

And August 5 – 8th I will be in Southampton again to teach in the morning “Papermaking” (so much fun!) and in the afternoon “Calligraphy Cards” where we use writing as a form of art (just like Arwen did with my name in the photo above).

Again, for my courses or any other amazing Kids Art Courses check out the Southampton Art School 

Have a most amazing summer everyone!




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