Happy Halloween

Here’s a Halloween activity I recently did with my kids’ class, but I also love to do on my own. The effects are always unpredictably wonderful:


You need

– a sturdy piece of paper

-oil pastels (you can try wax crayons, but oil pastels are so much better to work with!)

-a wooden pick, tooth pick, etc.

Scribble oil pastels on your paper, using all kind of bright or fall or what you consider Halloween colours on your paper. (NO BLACK!) Work fast. It’s so much fun to just fill your paper with colours.


Looks colourful? Good! Next you use your thumb or index finger and smear the colours together. Its a bit of work but it looks awesome. The more colours you have on the paper, the easier you can mush them together, the better it looks.

Looks awesome? Yeah! You don’t want to see any white paper shining through (except on the edges perhaps).

Now you take your black oil pastel and scribble over your beautiful creation. Yup. You heard right, cover up the entire colourful thing… Scribble, scribble, scribble… until you can take your thumb or index finger again and smear the black together.


Finally you start drawing with your wood pick, e.g. pumpkins, witches, cats, bats, crows, goblins, ghosts, … Don’t forget to write some words as well!


Awesome. You did it!

Of course this activity is not restricted to Halloween. It is messy, yes, but so much better than the ready-to buy sheets.

Have fun! – Oh, and of course… have a spooky happy Halloween!

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