Meeting “The Tribe”

These days there’s a lot of talk about the importance of having a tribe. Having been interested in Native Americans all my life and having trained my present horse the Native American way, the idea speaks to me. But of course what people mean by that is not finding some kind of band, but like-minded people who guide and support each other in their chosen field. In my case those people would be artists, illustrators and children’s writers – all interesting people to say the least. I mean just look at their work or their amazing books for little people…

Well, at my recent SCBWI conference in NYC I of course found such tribe’s people, some of them old friends, some new acquaintances I’d like to get to know better. If we were musicians, some of us surely would found a band. Instead some of us will found a critique group and it might take some time until you’ll hear us, but sure enough in our future books our voices will blow your mind…

Talking about “band” however, do you remember my recent frog concert I posted here?


Guess what?! Some of the musicians came to New York as well!

I even had a photo taken with two of them:


Isn’t that something??? – I bet the frog is my new lucky spirit animal 🙂

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