It’s been a while…

Ah, I know, there’s really no excuse for not talking to you in ages… I’ve just been busy living my life. So here’s a little update:

I’ve been teaching amazing children’s art classes over the summer at the Southampton Art School in Southampton, Ontario and together with my two wonderful artist friends Andrea Zimmer and Athina Gatos-Hunter in Kincardine, Ontario and finally this upcoming weekend at “Wise Owl Resource Centre” in Port Elgin, Andrea and I will be teaching a family art workshop. So please come out children and bring your mom or dad or perhaps grandparent…

Andrea and I also did the Kids Zone together at the Kincardine Lighthouse Blues Festival. Here are a few photos taken in no order during the workshops and festival.

IMG_1217 IMG_0654 IMG_0648 IMG_1353 IMG_1248 IMG_0692 IMG_0702 (1) IMG_0917 IMG_0715 IMG_0873 IMG_0904 IMG_1236 IMG_0989 IMG_0954

On the farm we are already done with the wheat and oats harvest and I’m happy to announce that my little orchard offers plenty of apples once again. I LOVE apples! We also got kittens this year, want one? or perhaps two?

IMG_0458 IMG_0429

Then our beautiful ram of almost ten years died…


My daughter Emily got him when she was five and he an orphaned lamb. She cared for her “bottle baby” all summer and he followed her everywhere including the kitchen…eh-em. We ended up eating our meals on the porch that year with him sleeping under the table. Even though he sired countless lambs over the next decade, he always stayed our friendly pet and pal to our horse, El Cid.

We will miss you greatly, Nicky!

Then Emily and I went on a road trip to Nova Scotia where she attended a Marine Mammal Camp from the St.Mary’s University in Halifax for nine days and I was left to exploring and sketching the unfamiliar yet stunning province. More on that in my next post.

And finally I participated in round 1 of Lilla Roger’s GTS Global Talent Search. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the deadline for round 1 when only 50 artists will be selected for round 2 – and tomorrow would also be my granny’s 99 birthday. “Could you put in a good word for me, Oma? I love you!”

Well, that’s all from me for today. More next week. Enjoy the full moon everyone.






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