Good Taste

As you know, I recently went to Nova Scotia and while I was away, my hubby decided to surprise me with a new roof on top of my studio. Great surprise! – although I slowly liked the idea of an idyllic living a la Spitzweg…


Well, now with a new roof, I of course had to pick up some paint to refresh the facade. I went to the store proud for remembering the name of the colour I had, because I like to drink it at times. “Merlot,” I said to the saleswoman and she started mixing my paint. Back at home I started painting and sure enough it didn’t match one bit the red I used to have around my windows and underneath the roof 😦

Well, I painted it anyway, because most things happen for a reason. I was a little bit more careful deciding what colour I wanted for the walls and remembered the old wonderfully inspiring artist I met in Nova Scotia, Bernard Bowles, here in his studio with my daughter Emily


Bernard said, “I’m too old to care about good taste. I surround myself with colours I love. They are my friends.”

Yes! I liked his motto: I too rather have friends instead of good taste and so I went to the store requesting “Blue Grotto,” which I thought went well with my “Merlot”. (I also found out that the colour I still have my windows in the main house painted with is called “Shiraz”… Ahh. So close! I just in case picked up a small pot of “Shiraz”as well, to fix my other windows before winter.)

My hubby almost dropped dead when he came from the field and found the house dark blue instead of the cheerful light blue. However, the more I completed my painting job, the more he befriended the new colour and today we get compliments and inquiries about the name of the colour from everyone who comes to the farm. The flowers and fall foliage just pop in front of that background.

IMG_2734 (1) IMG_2736 (1)

IMG_2745 IMG_2742

The heck to good taste. Let’s be inspired and set the trend instead of following it all the time. The only thing I have to decide now is whether to celebrate with a glass of Merlot or Shiraz before I get back to my actual work.

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