Inspired by Autumn

I love autumn! I could as well say, “I love fall,” but autumn sounds so much prettier. We know already that the leaves will fall and with the arrival of a rather dull November many people might fall into depression, but until then we have to savour everything this season has to offer and the word “autumn” just expresses that abundance of sights and smells and tastes so much better.

I took a few photos around the farm to show you:

IMG_2871 IMG_2922

IMG_2882 IMG_2883

IMG_2753 IMG_2926

One morning my daughter took this lovely panorama shot while waiting for the school bus:


And then this morning a big surprise: winter in October? An indication what might be next? – No. Too early!

IMG_2943 IMG_2945

IMG_2941                     IMG_2900

So after some exploring outside, we headed back into the warm house and enjoyed tea and baked apples with vanilla ice cream and I got to think of my next children’s art class … and came up with a different kind of mosaic.


It’s a lot easier to paint, though, because with mosaics it’s hard to create depth. Everything stays pretty much 2D, unless perhaps I practice some more. I also learned that mosaics are not very forgiving… I better think before I glue… But other than that how much fun to go with a palette of grains, beans, and seeds.   🙂

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