February Lessons



The first day of February felt like spring on the farm. The snow was melting after a night of rain and the welcoming sun after, the air was filled with bird songs and wild animals woke up and left their burrows. For our young dog this meant learning to make differences:


Dr. Watson loves cats! His very best friend is our kitty “Finnya,” who he adores, but he’s also fond of his barn cat friends. Finnya loves two things: climbing trees and teasing Watson. We often see them playing “hide and seek” or “catch” together and yesterday we witnessed Watson being delighted to see other cute animals jumping from tree to tree. Wild cats? – No. Squirrels!  We watched Watson dancing through the yard, nose in the air, following the squirrels, though only with his eyes.

Then he encountered a striped black-and-white cat. Cool! He followed him across the yard, but this “kitty” didn’t want to play. Instead, it sprayed!

I called Watson in for breakfast and regretted the idea immediately: Watson stank! – and so did the house. Our daughter explained, “Eau de Skunk,” when she entered the school bus and kids looked at her funny. And I searched our cabinets for tomato juice. But no, I couldn’t find any because I drank it! Never drink all of your tomato juice! Not at this time, not ever, keep always a bottle for emergencies…!

Well, I tried apple cider vinegar and because Watson is a little big for our bathtub, I washed him outside, with a big sponge, two litters diluted vinegar, a cup “Head & Shoulder” shampoo and ninety litters of warm water.


He wasn’t happy!


IMG_0231 (1)IMG_0229To dry, I took him inside and placed him on a huge spa towel where he enjoyed the sun peaking through the window.

IMG_0237 He was still no happy camper, but he smelled much better!  – In his dreams he wept 😦

Lesson for February: Don’t trust appearances – all that glitters is not necessarily gold!

And the house? – I had tears in my eyes most of the day, but after using orange oil in lots of oil diffusers, the house actually smelled quite nice by the end of the day.

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