Mon Cheri

No worries, I didn’t go into advertising, but this is a really mouthwatering praline, made from 49% dark chocolate, a crisp and juicy red cherry, 13% liquor, well, and some sugar. It is not available in Canada, but in Germany you can get it even at most gas bars…


Heading home from the movie theatre and stopping at a gas bar many years ago, this was the very first gift I got from my – not then, but now – husband…

The other day I received such lovely gift again, packed among other things in a small package from Germany, where my husband is on family business.

“Aww,” our daughter exclaimed when unpacking the parcel and handing me the little box, “He loves you!” She of course knows the story, and I do relish the taste and the gesture, but this little praline has become more of a meaning since the day I blushed at the gas station many years ago.

Married for 49 years and staying at her side for the last two weeks in hospital, I witnessed my father-in-law buying and eating a mini package of these little chocolates in the hospital cafeteria after the death of his wife. At that time, I judged him. Who would buy “Mon Chery” just after their loved one had died?

Today, I understand. I might even do the same, if not reach for something much stronger. But more importantly, I learned not to judge. What do I know what went through his mind that day? What do I know about piety? Only that in our society we don’t tend to write it in Capital Letters anymore. Instead, we try to ban death to the very edge of our awareness and tolerate it best, even appreciatively, on the TV screen.

Accompanying our beloved mother through her final days in hospital was not easy on any one of us. But I think we are all glad we were there, helping her to feel loved and to let go.

To me, “Mon Chery,” holds many memories in its unique taste. You could say, it is bittersweet, but overall – it tastes like love.

You’ll be able to read more about my thoughts on dying, death and my perspective on life in my currently work-in-progress, non-fiction book, “Life Experience: Experience Life!” – A true story of my near-death-experience and how it changed my attitude to life and death.



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