If you haven’t noticed yet, I love colours. Colours make the world interesting, don’t they? In our little farmhouse, there’s not one room that is painted in the same colour as the next, in fact colour often changes from wall to wall and some walls carry more than one hue or change the tone slightly along the wall.

Last week I found one wall appear rather dark to me, especially since it only holds one small window to the East side (I do love windows also, the more the better.) Well, when we moved in some 15 years ago, the room was decorated with the funniest wallpaper I’ve ever seen: striped navy blue, small white stripe, burgundy, small white stripe, repeat… It felt like we were standing in a huge pyjama and this room was not even a bedroom. I initially painted it in a soft smokey blue because this tone really showed off my paintings. This winter however I got tired of the tired paint and decided to paint the East side “sunny side up” yellow with a white trim around the window. Wow! The entire room got brighter and also bigger…

While I was in a hardware store the other day deciding for my tone, “sunny side up,”there was a young woman in the same aisle sighing over the many colour chips to decide from. “Tough decision, isn’t it?” I lightly put into the room as I passed her.

“It’s so hard,” she answered, her energy quite low.

“Oh, you even brought your cushion,” I said, passing her again to get my colour mixed at the counter. Several colour samples were strategically placed around her couch cushion but nothing really seemed to please her.

“What do you think?” she asked. “Which one would you pick?”

Oh, yeah, I was in my element! Politely, I inquired about the room to be painted, then told her my personal view about each of her colour choices in respect of how the particular colour would influence the room’s appearance, and then I made a bold move, grabbed a totally different colour tone and held it to her cushion. She gasped. “My gosh, this is amazing,” she exclaimed. Before, she tried to find matching colours, now I found her complimenting colours. She was in awe.

We talked about this year’s colour trends, talked about what colours influence her mood, and before she knew it, her face switched from an overwhelmed ‘help me’ appearance to an adventurous happy one.

I left her to make the final decision on her own, after all she has to live in it. But you should have seen her transformation, exploring alternatives with a completely open mindset. It was refreshing. I wish I could see her room when it’s finished, but I trust that it will be fresh and uplifting.

As for my wall… Oh, you know, colours can make me so happy!





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