A New Sketchbook

The other week I got a fantastic sketchbook from my friend Athina, made from beautiful handmade rice paper. “Use it for your ink drawings,” she said. I took this little empty-sided book home and guarded it like a treasure. I mean look at it. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

IMG_0487   IMG_0489

Until finally I thought it would be time for my “mark making,” my being brave enough to put my first dot in it. Claim it mine! – What would I put inside? I use different sketchbooks to simply draw whatever I see, or explore my thoughts, or use it as “mandala” calming my mind or try out sketches for a later painting. But this one is precious, I have to give it some purpose…

Yesterday while the snow was blowing around the house, I thought of the snowy owl, that lives around our farm. She has a neighbour, claiming the other road, but ours seems a little smaller, perhaps also younger. So I wondered what she might be doing in this weather, and taking out my ink pot I started drawing…


She looks cold, doesn’t she?

I tried to draw her neighbour as well…


… and voila… I decided to dedicate this sketchbook to ink exclusively and to all the wild creatures I spot every day around the farm. This will be so much fun to fill it…!

If you have one (and you should!), what are you using your sketchbook for?

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