Gipsy Girl

As a child I had bleach blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. This attracted the attention of a gipsy woman who badly wanted to buy me straight out of my mother’s arms while my family were vacationing in Croatia. I have no recollection of this event, but I always loved to listen to that story and liked how protective my brother had become of me since. I often wondered how my life would have turned out had my mother sold me… What would it be like to live as a gipsy?

Every time gipsies came to our town, I made sure to bike to the place they camped, hide in a distance and watch what they were doing. They just fascinated me. My mother wasn’t aware of my activity or she likely would have freaked out. But every time the gipsies packed their few belongings and continued on, I was sad. The place they’d camped at seemed so abandoned then, and I had missed yet another chance so it seemed.

Today I have rather brunette hair and I sometimes wonder whether the gipsy woman would have been rather disappointed with me 🙂

However, my daughter was invited to a birthday party over the weekend and since the party was planned all around a mystery play with the guests required to be the actors, I was asked to transform Emily into a gipsy with the beautiful name, Clair Voiant. How Fun!!!

We went through our wardrobe, I braided little bells into her hair, put on make-up, put on jewelry (lots), and finally equipped with a pouch full of crystals and a potion vial, Emily’s friends asked whether her mom was in fact a gipsy … I don’t know about that, but I know that my daughter looked gorgeous! – My masterpiece still (and I’m not talking about the make-up)

IMG_0517  IMG_0524


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