From My Sketchbook

Recently I decided to dedicate my beautiful new sketchbook made from handmade rice paper to sketch only with ink and only the wild animals I spot around the farm. As you can see, the last few days it was only the snowy owl and the red-tailed hawk.

The red-tailed hawk has been around for years now. In fact I have had hawks begging for my attention and sometimes in weird ways: a few times now I had a hawk flying next to my car for a considerable distance. Once A hawk flew next to my car for twenty minutes! Do you not wonder whether he had a message for me?

I believe that an animal that appears for you time and time again, wants to share some insights with you. Therefore you better look at the animal’s specific qualities, their way of living, whether it is an animal of prey or not, what kind it is, e.g reptile, bird, mammal,… Then try to tune in, or meditate on it. I’m sure you’ll get an answer. If you are not sure, why don’t you google “totem animal” or “spirit animal” and see what the different resources say about your animal.

In every culture, animals played a role and were allocated a certain meaning. As Christians we often neglect that knowledge and are afraid we might sin if we give any meaning to “signs”. But doesn’t the Holy Spirit also speak through signs? Or is this a phenomenon only used in former times? I assure you it is not. I’m talking to Jesus Christ throughout the day more than I talk to any friend or family member on the phone. I wouldn’t know how to live without talking and listening to him, and yes, of course I schedule quiet time each day just for my time with God. Aren’t animals his creatures as much as I am and you are? Why then do we believe He can’t use them as messengers?

Look around you and see if there’s a particular animal that begs for your attention (and I’m not talking about your pet begging for treats). You might be surprised to see there is one if you only spent attention.


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