Call of the Wild

This morning on our morning walk, we spotted a small group of wild geese flying southbound just when it started to snow. The geese must have seen us as well, because they came closer, flew above us, returned, flew another time above us and with their beautiful calls echoing down they changed directions and flew forth to the east.


Even though it is still fresh outside, I find myself opening my windows ever so often, just to hear the birds. I didn’t realize over the winter months how much I missed hearing them. I am so hungry for nature, hungry for spring.

I do love the outdoors, I love nature, I love the extremes, I love quiet time, other times I love interactions, most of all I love to be creative…

Can you imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across The Canadian Wilderness Residency the other day?! Instead of a location where I would live for a couple weeks, explore, create, interact and exhibit, in this residency I would actually travel with a bunch of artists and a few guides and experience the great outdoors skin to skin… What a wonderful opportunity to stretch an artist’s creativity, strengthen the senses and calm the mind.

There’s a fantastic video by artist Sarah Clement who went on this wilderness journey on the Opus Art Supply website. If you are an artist, emerging or established or perhaps a youth interested in art – and given you also love adventure and the outdoors – you should consider applying for this unique residency. – Me? You bet I will, although not this year…



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