Do you remember what you liked to do when you were a child? For my part, I liked colours, animals and stories – and I loved to go exploring, usually with my dog as I found humans rather confusing. I turned most stones around to see what was underneath, watched tadpoles turn to frogs, covered my arms and legs in muddy clay just to know how it might feel to be a sculpture after the clay had dried, put everything of interest into the two or four pockets of my pants only to forget it there,  … you get the idea. It is said that what we enjoyed to do as children are hints for what we are supposed to do with our lives. Now you laugh and say, ‘yah sure, that would be nice, if there only wasn’t the small business of putting bread on the table and paying the bills.’

When we were children, our grown-ups used to tell us that we could be whatever we wanted to be. I loved the idea and believed it. A few years later the same grown-ups told us not to be ridiculous when we told them what we planned to do with our lives. Do you see  why I found humans confusing?

As a teenager I once listened to a public speaker who said, “You can be whatever you want to be, you only have to be good at it.” I believed him. There is no need to do a job to make a “good living” and sell your soul for it. You might not land your dream job right after you get out of school. However, make sure you don’t forget your dream over making money.

I have never been someone who liked to do what I was told. Not because I didn’t want to cooperate or help or learn a concept, but I wanted to do it voluntary and only if it made sense to me. (My donkey is the same way and drives me nuts at times…!) – Today I still have trouble following e.g. basic recipes simply because somebody (in this case the author of the cookbook or the chef) is telling me what to do step after step. I much rather take a recipe as inspiration for my own creation. Unfortunately that frustrates my family a bit, because whenever they just enjoyed and praised a meal, they realize they will never eat this again, because next time I will have changed it slightly…

The other night I had a fascinating dream. My dreams are often quite vivid, I travel through time and space and not seldom wake up exhausted, but this dream was especially intriguing for it had instructions for artwork I was shown. The results were stunning, the instructions vague yet just the way I like it. They only mentioned one unusual ingredient that was used. The message: explore! – and have fun doing it. —

I challenge you to explore this week. Have fun doing it, whatever you choose to explore. Let’s see if also we can get good at it…



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