April’s Fool

How’s life in April treating you so far? Are you well? – I sure hope so!

I started April with a lovely nature walk with my friend and Doctor of Heilkunst, Astrid Merkisch-Keller. Since it had been raining huge amounts before our walk, the trails were soaked but passable. Eventually we arrived at the beach and soon after strolling along the lakeshore we had to cross a creek that empties into Lake Huron. Unfortunately, the water masses had turned the little creek into a river but only I wore rubber boots. Long story short, I offered Astrid a piggy back ride across the stream – which she took. – Knowing me, who might have been the bigger fool…? We almost made it across the river on dry feet, when I stepped into quick sand and down we both went… Needless to say, we took a very refreshing bath in the cool muddy waters.

A day later while house cleaning I had a very unusual incident and fight with my vacuum cleaner that left me with a concussion… Sorry, the details would be too embarrassing …!

So… I hope you might understand my leaving this post rather short. In much anticipation of warmer weather and all the delights of spring I leave you with one of my illustrations called, “Frogs in Concert.”

Scan 154


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