Art Supply

There’s talk that women love shoe shopping. Apparently everybody knows that. If this is true, God must have missed a gene when he created me. While I do like good-looking shoes, I find they also must be most comfortable as I likely wear them for a few …years.

What really excites me is shopping for art supply. While I know that most everything I ever need is available online, there’s nothing better than going to an art supply store because the eye, the nose, the touch, is all part of the experience. While most art supply stores are fantastic to the artist’s senses, I like shopping locally as a rule, but even better because we have such a great art supply store in Kincardine, Artemis Art Studio, where Athina Gatos-Hunter can not only cater to all of your needs, she even gives you valuable advice, ideas and – if you need – instructions.

Since she also knows her artists, she always has a new discovery for you… E.g.: did you know there’s purple and also red charcoal??? I didn’t. But how cool is that?!


I also bought fantastic looking ink, pastel, and a few new brushes…

Then she puts everything carefully in different paper bags, and by the time you get home, you can open, unwrap and discover everything in those bags anew. It’s like Christmas. Then – at least I – have to tell someone about my new supply that patiently waits on my drawing table to be tried out. My mother delights in my descriptions and joy the most and tells me every time that I likely will never grow up. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?  And then comes the exploring…ah…what fun! How could I have lived without my latest discovery for so long…?!

Do you have some kind of shopping that excites and delights you? What is it? And if it’s shoe shopping that’s totally fine, I’d love to hear about it!

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