Think Outside the Box

The other day I picked up some new ink I like from the French company Sennelier. It’s this beautiful traditional shellac based ink which can be thinned with water and intermixed with other hues. Sanguine, Carmine and Senegal Yellow I was most excited about, but then the horrific wildfire in Fort McMurray started and I certainly wouldn’t want to use my ink to sketch such a terrifying sight. While working on the farm, I saw a fox crossing our neighbour’s field, and I knew how to put my new inks to work:


I am one of the few people in the country who likes to see the sighting of a fox. I’ve never been afraid of rabies – although our animals of course get vaccinated against it – or foxes steeling our chicken or geese, because in the past sixteen years on the farm, we’ve never had any problems with them. – Knock on wood.

Admittedly, my quick sketch trying out my new ink, is not exactly a master piece. I bet my friend Lindsey Carmichael is already laughing at my attempt, because she knows exactly what foxes look like, behave like, feel like, talk like and who would also love to own a pet fox… that’s why she became a fox specialist and wrote her amazing book Fox Talk.

Since I dedicate an entire sketchbook to my wild animal friends, I have to confess, I’m also interested in their spiritual meaning. Whenever I cross paths with some wild “guide” I wonder, “what is it that I can learn from you?” I often google – in this case – “fox totem” or “fox spirit” and look what comes up… sometimes overwhelmingly much, then I have to see what meaning resonates with me, or I ignore google and think about the foxes habits and some traits that might fit my current situation. Sometimes I simply draw a blank. But this time I read as a meaning, “Think outside the box,” well,that’s a good start!

If you want to learn more about animal spirits, I find the books by Ted Andrews worthwhile to read. And if you don’t want to find out more about them, well, just enjoy the sight while seeing them…! 🙂

As for Fort McMurray, my thoughts and prayers are constantly there. If you feel you’d like to help, why not consider making a donation to the Red Cross? The Canadian Government is matching each dollar you are donating right now. – Many Blessings!


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