Drums carry the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Drums carry the Spirit of Life. Drums allow the song of the heart to be heard by all.


For my birthday I got this beautiful drum set. I have always had a liking for drums and incidentally found myself among drummers and drum makers many times in my life. I even made a drum with my daughter once for one of her grade 7 projects in school, using a hollowed trunk of an ash tree from our bush and soft deer hide.

My new and beautiful drum was made from elk hide, placed in the California sun, and blessed by my teacher, Denise Linn, who I learn the ancient art and tradition of Elemental Space Clearing from. Every culture and religion on Earth has used space clearing for healing, sanctifying and balancing energies for centuries, but sadly most of us have forgotten about that tradition.

The area where I live in Canada today, I believe the Ojibwa tribe called once their home. I remember joining a Native Ojibwa woman who was drumming in a tiny village on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, many years back. The rhythm of her drumming was calming and joyful and I found it relaxed my body and mind. She said,”With drumming you can lead orphans back to their very own life rhythm.” I never forgot her words. In the Ojibwa tribe drums are called, “Grandfather” as a sign of respect. Denise suggests to call our drums “Grandfather” or “Grandmother” if no name has been revealed to us, but I had my drum’s name revealed as soon as I sat and connected with it: “Navani” is the name of my beautiful drum.

“There’s an ancient Cherokee saying,” informs us Denise Linn in her booklet, The Way of the Drum: “The Sun and the Moon are the drumsticks playing upon the Earth, bringing harmony and peace to all of Earth’s children.” Isn’t that beautiful? – If we were only listening!

On my way to become a Certified Elemental Space Clearer, I have to put my knowledge to work and do a certain amount of space clearings for clients – for now free of charge. Today I used my new drum for the very first time for a client’s property clearing and I was amazed how well it worked. I had to break very dense and heavy energy and found the drum was the best tool to do that. I also found that the drum dictated the rhythm showing me in different places what was needed.

In case you wonder, I’m not Native American, far from it. But I have always respected their traditions and admired mostly their respect for Life and Mother Nature. My background is Christian and whatever I do, I do in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I know no other God. But I’m respectful and I tolerate other beliefs for other people, and I’m also very aware of the fact that not so long ago, I would have been burnt at the stake by no other than my fellow Christians, for my knowledge and for what I do.

I am grateful that these times are finally over, that people become more open-minded and that I can be a blessing for many people, regardless of their faith, to become healthier, happier, and more balanced on their journey through life.



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