Spring in the Woodland

Let me take you on a little walk through the “bush”…


The Trillium, the provincial flower of Ontario. Our entire forest floor seems to be covered by it right now.


IMG_1240    IMG_1241

This one looks like a Trillium, but seems to be some kind of Orchid. We also “carry” it in yellow:


Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris), in German: “Sumpfdotterblume,” which always reminds me of my childhood and my mother and I admiring it’s beauty while the frogs quacked their concert…

IMG_1245  IMG_1243

The first mosquitos though soon sent me off my way again …


Violets, I was disappointed that they didn’t smell 😦

IMG_1259 (1)

A lucky tree that escaped the logger’s eye last fall 🙂

IMG_1258 (1)

Wild raspberry plant. – The wild raspberries have the best taste, but the deer flies and mosquitos guard them fiercely…

IMG_1261 (1)

New maple saplings. – Life renews itself over and over again.

Don’t you love the promise of spring?

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