The Fear of Moving Forward


Sometimes I start a new piece of art, whether it’s a drawing or painting or a sculpture and I stop because I have to wait for it to dry or need to think how I proceed and then I look closer and sometimes I fall in love with just the stage it is in right then. Sometimes I just have to walk away and leave it the way it is, from fear I might mess up with every move or stroke I’d do from then on.


It’s silly, I know. My old friend and teacher, the painter Lothar Schulz-Goldap who taught me painting in oil and who started his art school at the age of 75 when I (his first ever student) left the city and later opened his own gallery when he was 78, would scold me.


“If you want to know how to draw an animal, draw it a hundred times,” he would say. He never was afraid of making mistakes. He was afraid of sitting idle and painted every single day but Sunday, supporting his three children through university only by painting and selling his paintings… Hats off.

So before I move forward, messing up and making lots of creative mistakes, … I wanted to say, how much I loved this stage…

How about you? Are you ever afraid of moving forward? In’t there just something cozy about comfort zones?

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2 thoughts on “The Fear of Moving Forward

  1. I definitely have this problem sometimes. I get so impressed with the beginning stages of a painting that I don’t want to keep going and screw it up. I usually work on other paintings in the meantime though so I’m not sitting idle.

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