Creating while Waiting for the Pleasure of it

I don’t know about you, but I have to wait – a lot … for the paint to dry for instance. Or the potatoes to boil. Or for the tractor to finish its row and I can pass the driver some food, or tools, or I don’t know what… I have to wait for the milk to cool to feed to the lamb, for the school bus to arrive, for the seedlings to grow, for the chicken to come in at night, for the acceptance or the rejection letter to appear in my inbox, for good news and most of all for my muse. You’d think with all that waiting I’d be good at it by now, but no, I’m not. I can’t even sit still for a movie to watch unless someone watches with me like a babysitter of some sort. So I doodle. Or drum a beat with my fingers and toes. I start dancing out of the blue, or furrow my forehead in deep thought. Sometimes I draw lines in the sand or arrange objects I find …





IMG_1430 (1)

I look at them from all sites…


IMG_1439 (1)

not even feeling the mosquito bites.


I paint the leaves,



arrange unusual treats

IMG_1432 (1)

integrate everything I find


until work calls me back, do you mind?

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