Inspiration is Everywhere

In my drawing classes the first thing I try to teach my students is that inspiration and motives are nothing we have to search for, they are everywhere. Don’t look too far, don’t look for big, when the things in front of you can be all you ever wanted. I had an art professor who only painted swans for half a year, because this is what she saw when she looked out of her apartment window. Other artists I know paint beautiful still lives arranging their everyday tools like scissors, pens and paint tubes. Ever painted your food? – You might annoy your company, but it’s worth trying when you eat alone…

I painted animals for years. I still do! Do you want to know why? – Because I love animals, but also because this is the view from my studio window:




Well, you could argue I only have animals so that I can paint them 🙂 … however, this is what the results might look like, depending on the view:


or my exploration mood…


What inspires you? Where do you find your motives?



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