Work in Progress


Not far from where I live is the Bruce Peninsula with a tiny village at it’s very tip called Tobermory. From Tobermory goes a ferry to Manitoulin Island, the biggest fresh water island in the world. The water around Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula – shallow towards the east and deep with steep cliffs on the west toward the Georgian Bay – is pristine and cold and refreshes the body and the spirit for its amazing clarity and beauty. It is an artists’ and divers’ paradise for the landscape and many well preserved shipwrecks that lay off the shores and can be spotted from the land and discovered up close while diving around. On the rocks of the Bruce Peninsula  grow some of the oldest trees in the world, growing only a few inches each year and its forests are home to various wild life including the rattle snake and the brown bear.

My artwork above is inspired by the beautiful and challenging landscape found on the Bruce Peninsula. So far I’m pleased with the roughs. Now I need to add some colour to give justice to its beauty …

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