Whatever field of work or interest you might be in, I think competition is healthy. It prevents us – as a person, athlete, artist, entrepreneur or business – from becoming lazy or indifferent and instead inspires us to become more. More creative, more resourceful, more innovative, more interesting, more attentive, and ideally it brings out the best in us.

I frequently participate in art or writing competitions, usually not necessarily for the prizes – although they add to the appeal – but for the challenge. I love to challenge myself and competitions force me to be creative under pressure, wich often results in new ideas to be explored even beyond the competition guidelines and pushes me out of my comfort zone. Comfort zones are lovely to bask in, but life most always gets exciting only after we’ve left the comfy couch.

Recently I participated in a few writing competitions and even got “long listed” which I assume I should mention, because of the fact that our family decided to give ourselves credit for even the little achievements that come our way this year. I submitted artwork to the “Nonsuch Art On Paper Awards” Competition because the name made me smile and the idea behind it intrigued me. And when the other day I got the online catalogue of all the entries, I was stunned by the variety and brilliance of all the submitted artwork. I love my competition! But take a look for yourself by clicking on the link.

NAOPA Catalogue of Entries | Main & Station

While I wish every participating artist good luck and congratulate them on their artwork and guts to show it, I wouldn’t mind if you! crossed your fingers for me to be under the finalists with my painting(s) travelling first to Nova Scotia and after to Montreal… 🙂 But if not, oh well, I’ll submit to another competition


“Save the Whales,” was juried in and sold at the international 2014 Painting on the Edge Exhibition in Vancouver, BC

What about you? How do you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

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