It’s Tea Time

I love tea. I pick peppermint or camomile from my garden to brew some calming herbal tea, or I prepare chai to my taste for a good night’s sleep or when I’m cold and I always make myself a large mug of Earl Grey, Ostfriesen or Green Jasmine tea before I sit down at my drawing table. Sometimes I mistake my tea for my cleaning water and wash my brushes in it. Yuck! In between I certainly drink tea when I have company, or after a meal or when I have time to read a book or pat the cat… There’s always a good reason for tea time.

Can you imagine how excited I was when I learned that the assignment for round 1 at Lilla Roger’s “Global Talent Search” is all about tea? This year I wasn’t planning to sign up, because I’m teaching art classes during the summer, have visitors and plenty of work on the farm and in the studio, but then when the deadline to sign up approached, I thought I do it anyway and see what I can fit into my schedule. So this one is for fun, for myself, for my own learning purposes and to stretch myself a little further. I mean how much more fun could it get?  Designing my very own tea cup? Oh yeah. I’m in!

So with my tea steaming to my right, I let you peek into my sketchbook… Ready?

Here it is:



What kind of tea do you like, if any? Do you prefer it with milk, cream or lemon? Honey or sugar? What treat do you like with it? I’d love it if you would share your preference. Please comment underneath!  🙂



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