Cats and Owls

Sorry you didn’t hear from me in a week, but it’s harvest time, and we had Canadian Thanksgiving in between, and I don’t pre-write my posts and schedule them like most  smart bloggers would do, and most excitedly, I’m taking another online course from the great illustrator and agent, Lilla Rogers and the Brighton, UK based art director of Allison Green Books, Zoe Tucker.What a treat! Not only the wealth of information they share with us, but also to be “in class” and share work in progress with extremely talented artists!

For now I just share a character sketch with you for my chosen poem by Edward Lear, “The Owl and the Pussycat”– but be assured, I got plenty of advice from my trusted advisors: my tabby cats occupying my chair, and from an owl that peeked through my window twice from a nearby tree (honestly!) giving its comments (usually when I was working on the cat…). Cheeky fowl!

It’s been busy here, true, but could life get any better? – oh, yes, I sold a painting and two prints in-between…!

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