Interrupting Frequency

I’m not sure if I didn’t realize it before, or if this phenomenon only appeared after I gained parts of my memory back that was to my frustration for so long tugged away in some “stuck drawer” in my brain. One night about five years ago however, I was walking the boardwalk along Lake Huron with my friend, a naturopath and doctor of Heilkunst, when all of a sudden the lantern we just approached extinguished just by my looking at it absentmindedly while we were talking.

“Antje, that was you!” my friend exclaimed.

At first I wanted to deny it, but at my core I knew it was true. Since then I’m aware that these strange things occasionally happen: Lights flicker or extinguish depending on my state of emotion or topic I think/speak about, electric appliances break, radios stop playing when I’m at a certain distance, the TV doesn’t respond to my pushing buttons on the remote, sometimes my family sends me out of the room because I interrupt the frequencies of TV and other networks altogether.

I was kind of glad when today another Near-Death Experiencer, Peter Panagore, posted this video of his unusual “NDE After Effect:”

Weird, eh?

To find out more about NDE’s After Effects please visit Or stay tuned, as I will share more with you as I slowly learn to put mine to use.

Did you or someone you know has had a near-death experience? What are your/their “after effects”? I would love to hear about it!

A Look into My “Wild” Sketchbook

The other day I found this little guy standing in the middle of the road:


Driving in my car I slowed down, slowed down, until I almost stopped. I swear this fellow was laughing before he finally turned and shuffled off the road back into the field.

Since I was almost home, I tried to capture his face expression in my sketchbook as soon as possible. He still makes me smile whenever I look at this sketch. So… did he have something to tell me, besides “slow down!”?

As so often I looked up his meaning and found it quite interesting. Among other meanings, listen to that: Groundhog: “Lessons associated with death, dying and revelations about its processes will begin to surface.”  – “Mystery of Death without Dying.” Isn’t that suitable considering the book manuscript I’m working on?! — I like his smile now even better, because even tough I think I have a message worth sharing, I’ve never taken myself too seriously. Since Adam and Eve nobody really has something entirely new to say, and “near-death-experience” – hasn’t this almost become something like a household name?

But since I believe we are here in physical form to help and teach each other and also learn from each other, and since I like to contemplate life and death and God and the world, I believe I owe it to the reader to put my  grain of insight at least into a good story. – So I’d like to ask you to be patient with me… just like the groundhog asked of me. If I don’t die over it, I promise you a good story in the end 😉

P.s.: The groundhog can hold an entirely different meaning for you. If you spot one and you think he “was talking to you,” look up its meaning, or see how he goes through life and learn from it or be fascinated. The meaning I mentioned above resonated to me in this particular time. And as I said, although I think everything has a meaning, don’t take anything too seriously. Most of all yourself or the opinion of others.

Have a lovely day! 🙂