I came across Chihuly first while still in art school. Though I remember my professor quite excited about his work, at that time his Artpark installations set near Niagara Falls in New York State, I simply respected my professor’s view and Chihuly’s work, but this artist didn’t leave me in awe.

In August I went with my daughter and our teenage guest Gabriele to explore Toronto for a few days and since our family loves and supports the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), we thought it was quite cool to storm one morning into the museum as soon as the doors opened, pass the visitors’ line-up by showing my membership card and enjoying some precious moments among the dinosaur skeletons by ourselves. After showing Gabriele the – in our eyes -most important and beloved sections of the museum, we ventured into the special exhibits and while all three of us were taken aback by the tattoo exhibit, we fell in love with the stunningly beautiful exhibit by no other but Dale Chihuly. I mean look at his work:

If Chihuly failed to put me in awe when I looked at his work in the nineties, oh boy, he sure got my attention this time!

The fantastic display of some of Chihuly’s most beautiful glass work in the ROM is on until January 17th 2017. I suggest it is worth your time when you are in the area. But if you can see his work somewhere else, make sure you don’t miss it. In the meantime you can visit him on his website at